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Our company accompanies you throughout the life of your project

Aérateur des étangs d’élevage de poissons, Pisciculture France Afrique
Turnkey Solution
Étude de faisabilité ferme piscicole Pisciculture France Afrique
Feasibilty Study

We offer you a "turnkey" option which is the complete mastery of your fish farming project.

This service is a guarantee of technical and economic success for the design and implementation of your project. It includes all stages of the project:

  • Feasibility study,

  • Design of all components of your Project

  • Supply and installation of all equipment

  • Staff training

  • Start-up of production activity

  • Control and follow-up

The feasibility study is an essential step before any project.

Our specialists will guide you in the conception of your aquaculture project by carrying out a study taking into account the different aspects of feasibility:

* Assessment of the needed level of technology depending on the geography and environment.


* Assessment of the economic opportunities of the project.

Fournisseur des équipements et matériels Aquaculture

We provide the full range of equipment needed for fish farming and all fish production activities.


We offer the world's most modern water recycling systems RAS (Aquaculture ID).

We provide all equipment for Aquaculture projects and also equipment for fish feed production.


We can also supply equipment from the entire fish processing chain such as:

* Smoking Cells

* Packaging machine

* Cold Chain Equipment


Fournisseur matériels et équipements Écloseries, Pisciculture France Afrique
Installation d’usine de fabrication d'aliment (clé en main), Pisciculture France Afrique
Fish Feed

Aquaculture projects can never achieve good results without using healthy and high quality food adapted to each fish, its aquatic environment and its stage of rearing.

Our company is a major supplier of fish feed. That's why we have established collaboration protocols with Europe's largest fish food companies to meet all our customers' demands and ensure the required quality levels.


Systèmes de recyclage des eaux usées, Pisciculture France Afrique
Water Treatment

We make modern hatcheries to produce eggs, larvae, fry and fingerlings of Tilapia and Catfish:

  • Brood-stock tanks

  • Modern RAS Incubators

  • Larval systems

  • Swim up systems

  • First-frying systems,

  • First Nursery Systems

  • Specialized tanks for the transport of fry and fingerlings.

The recycling of waste water can help save on consumption and therefore reduce the impact on the environment.


The recycling system also allows for better control of water quality throughout the production chain, the possibility of a higher density of fish farming and a very high production rate.


PFA designs and builds the most suitable water recycling system for each project based on its performance assessment.

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