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Pisciculture France Afrique P.F.A - SAS

 Expert in Aquaculture

About Us

Our Company PFA (Pisciculture France Afrique) is a leader in tropical species fish farming.

We are committed to give our customers complete satisfaction by providing qualitative and customized services.

Our head office is based in Sceaux in the Paris region (France),. The President and CEO is Dr. Laurent Miskal SBAIHI, International Expert in Fish Farming.

       CEO Message


Our challenge is to contribute to the development of fish farming and production of fish around the world.

The extraordinary success of our projects has allowed us to win the trust of our customers.

Dear investors, I invite you to think Aquaculture!


Dr. Laurent Miskal SBAIHI


We specialise in the construction of fish farms of tropical species:

  * Tilapia

     (Oreochromis niloticus)


  * Clarias (African Catfish)

     (Clarias gariepinus)

  * For other species, conatct us


We offer a wide range of services:

* Fish farm Turnkey Project

* Design and Realisation

* Management and Operations

* Feasibility Study

* Equipments

* Hatcheries

* Water Recycling Systems

* Fish Foods

* Realisation of plant project

   "fish food manufacturing"




We design and construct important fish farm projects, especially in Africa where we have a strong presence.

We are committed to carry out projects adhering to a high level of requirements in terms of management, quality, time, cost and respect for the environment.





We design and construct fish farming projects incorporating other activities in the same farm such as other aquaculture farms, poultry farms, or greenhouse and Aquaponcis).  These turnkey integrated projects allow the diversification of the various livestock activities and the optimisation of there execution on the same site.


We provide you with all kinds of products and equipments  for your domestic or professional aquarium project.



Contact US

Head Office :


10 Avenue de Camberwell
92330 - SCEAUX


Phone : +33 6 47 00 70 70

E-mail :

Send us a message :

Thank You

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